If “the survival of the fittest” be the principle of one’s life or existence for a suitable livelihood, then one must have proper education and a sound qualification. Not only for a suitable livelihood but also for a obtaining a good job one must have academic knowledge.
Vocational education can only help one to become no more than a pedant. If one has to seek a good profession the he or she must understand the difference between profession oriented and knowledge oriented education. Inspite of having tremendous knowledge if someone doesnot have a suitable job then it becomes hard to survive in the twentieth century. For easier employment our society must opt for building career oriented education systems.
Following the maxim, “live and let live” one must learn how to live first and then should give away to look into other stuff. Many people are there who really study for the sake of gaining knowledge but the majority are hell bent on studying to secure the monetary insurance for the rest of their lives. This kind of attitude is extremely logical as there is too much COMPETITION nowadays. There is a very funny contemporary saying that “ There is no end of knowledge so one should not try to know even a bit of it”. Truly everyone only aquires that bit of education that would secure a roof over their head. As far as my views are concerned. I certainly prefer the profession based education because one must lay stress on the field or strata that he or she aspires to work in. this will also act as a boost in enhancing their career life. One should never be “ a jack of all but a master of none”. For instance, if someone considers football to be his passion then he must concentrate on the field. Sadly, the present day scenario doesn’t allow that, these kinds of aspirers are forced to depart from their passion and are overburdened with everything else. Education should not be restricted within the books. Today Cristiano Ronaldo, Bill gates, Johnny Depp etc.. have reached the zenith because they considered their passion to be their profession and worked hard on it.
Several children in India dream of representing the country in cricket but due to lack of support and enthusiasm they fail and keep failing miserably. The age of technology brought forth new gadgets to ease one’s lifestyle. To grab the know how’s of it every tom dick and harry set out to be an engineer or a doctor. Even those who weren’t supposed to be were forced to as Mr.Kumar’s son was studying IIT or Mr.Chatterjee’s daughter was giving the joint entance.
Now in the year 2015 we are not running out of tv screens nor did we fall short of cellular but there are shortages of food in plenty places round the country. Still in our country there are more engineers than agriculturists. Is it funny? Maybe.

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