The sun was shining at its full splendour accompanied by the mild chirpings of jovial birds. It seemed as if nothing could possibly go wrong. A boy , shabbily dressed in costly clothes sat under the cool overhead canopy. He was as if staring nowhere, out of the world perhaps.
A guy like him would surely be out of water in this situation when mother nature herself seems to be rejoicing .But there he lay, dead still, morose faced. Nothing but a nemesis could have brought forth such a deadpan expression.It made me curious, I wanted to know more about him. So, I got up , went to him and tapped him on the shoulder. He woke up with a startle and swore briefly.His eyes were open but his inner ones certainty weren’t.
I asked him about the cause of his depression, with great stress he curled his lips and mumbled out “Home sweet Home.”
I was thrown into complete dilemma. A passerby, noticing my reaction came up to me and said that his childhood house wherein he grew up since his birth has been sold to some other guy who plans to put up another multi-storey.
So? That’s it?
A house?
Bricks and mortar isn’t it?
And he would have got bucketfulls of money for that. So why the hanky panky? After few moments realisation dawned upon me, countless sentiments were attached to him and the house was being pulled down so were those wonderful memories and moments which will but linger in thoroughfares of the unknown.
He loved that house more than anything.

So that’s a little idea of mine about romance,  Love has no bounds ,it can occur for anything, living or non living that doesn’t matter.

thank you for reading!

5 thoughts on “An Idea of Romance

  1. Romance is basically derived from nature. The romance with nature. It can indeed be with anyone or anything-living or non living.
    Great work! 🙂


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