Richard Bucks, an accountant of some repute stepped into the café. At an instant, he became the subject of meticulous scanning by the passersby. Not paying any heed he walked straight to the counter and ordered a cuppa of cappuccino, the large one.Having adjusted his Armani suit, he placed his Gucci handbag on a table placed nearby and started to fiddle with his i-Phone 6s. When his order arrived, he accepted it with a professional smile.

After such a glamorous display, what would everyone expect? That this bigshot Bucks would  sip on with an authority whilst showing all his bells and whistles off?
You also expected that, didn’t you?

But, what followed, is quite on the contrary which had people again staring at him after they had finished chatting about his “black-money”. Mr.Bucks jotted down the aisle and handed the cuppa over to a destitute who was shivering with cold at the roadside.

So, everyone would expect a typical moral of the story after such a clichéd point of view. So, here it is!

Simplicity can be attained inspite of owning all kinds of gizmos.
Everything depends on the “insides” and the “insights” of a man.

thank you for reading!

4 thoughts on “Simplicity

  1. simplicity is when a person think,feel, and take things simply as it appears …and that obviously reflects his “inside” and “insights”! well written 🙂


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