Everything was very still that day, so still, that even a lark wouldn’t feel  free. Birds  weren’t chirping, wind wasn’t blowing. Even the living was non-living.
A small boy woke from his sleep, a strange figure intrigued him, it was looking straight at him but he couldn’t draw any conclusions about what it might be. No one could blame him actually, the poor fellow had just got his vision back. Just after his birth he had suffered a major accident which had affected his eyesight. He is used to sounds, but sights  isn’t really his strong suit. Even after looking very hard, he was left clueless.
What can that thing be?
It looked so odd, it didn’t have wings, or a third eye! How dull! “Fairies are way cooler he thought!”
“Thoughts” that’s all he had till this day, thoughts and sounds played into his little dark mind.  He was very disappointed as this oblong creature had just bought an entire plot in his Mindsville. It was so boring and lifeless.
Just then he heard his door click and that creature also looked away, strange. It sounded like mommy, and it was.  She hugged him as she saw her seeing him. “What’s that strange thing maa?” he asked pointing  towards that creature.
“Mirror…..”she replied.

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