romantic-evening-benches-bench-seat-winter-snowy-park-road-park-nature-beautiful-scene-landscape-lamppost-lamp-night-midnight-lights-mood-a-romantic-evening-benches-bench-seats-winter-snow-park-road-pYes, Yes!! I know what you are thinking. On reading about the so-called WINTER EVENINGS, all kinds of warm and cozy images starts to fill that little head of yours! But, let me tell you, it’s not pleasurable for me at all! Don’t worry I will tell you why!
There used to be a time when I had life in me. Oh! I miss those days. And that due to some stupid thing, which makes a lot of noise and causes a lot of pain. It metamorphosed me into what I am today. I literally don’t have any “say” now. I don’t know what spell that cruel thing cast on me, which changed my appearance and function forever. It is quite evident that I hate myself the way it is. To add to my troubles, the seasonal changes affect me badly now. I could adapt back then, but now I am lifeless indeed. Winter, amongst, all seasons are the worst, especially the evenings.
To start with, there is no one to accompany me. I sit all by myself, naked in this chilly atmosphere. One might wonder that I’d fall sick, but I don’t! To see everyone all covered up and enjoying the ambience is really depressing, I would also like a steaming cup of cappuccino while talking with my beloved. People enjoy the occasional spells of snow as it makes them playful, but for me, it’s not so good. The snow makes me slippery and no one then comes near me as I have a February face. But I do feel the sharp pangs of winter, it shrinks and warps me. Yet no one offers me a helping hand. I shout amidst the cold breeze, sadly, no one lends me an ear. My tears have dried up due to this dull weather, even if I cried, no one would notice me as it is dark, dark all around.
Far, far away I see those glistening arrays of light whisk up and down the frosty lanes. O! If I were amongst them!
I thank you, stranger, my listener, my observer whatever you are, and I thank you! For “standing by” me and not “sitting on” me.
-A “park-ED” Bench.