The V-12 Biturbo engine-ed Maybach Exerlero gracefully came to a stop.


The front door clicked and ‘He’ came out wearing a black tux, more black shades and blank grin. ‘He’ was absolutely as he had imagined, picture perfect! ‘He’ moved aside and opened the rear door to help ‘His’ mistress to land on the red carpet with obnoxiously large heels. Everything was done in an infinitesimally slow manner for the shutterbugs to capture them inhale fame and exhale attitude. Finally ‘He’ along with his added accessory were able to walk. Swarms of people were chanting ‘his’ name, he felt that ‘He’ had to oblige them. So, there ‘He’ went, to click images with protruded lips!

While signing a diary or two ‘He’ had to uselessly strike ‘His’ beard, run ‘His’ hand through ‘His’ hair and do a lot of “I have money things”. Journalists hovered around ‘him’ like bees to ask those same rotten questions, again and again, to which ‘He’ bippety boppity bo-ed!

Slowly but steadily ‘He’ and ‘Her’ made ‘Their’ way up to the main door and ‘He’ waved for the final time with an extravagant sense of royalty and disappeared inside, it seemed as if no one even knew what had happened!


The fans were busy tweeting, the cameramen were removing the bad ‘shots’ whilst eagerly waiting for the next celeb to arrive!

Curiously enough,

he also forgot ‘Him’, and didn’t care about where ‘He’ went next! , for he had to immediately turn the shower off and fumble out of the bathroom as his mother was screaming at him for taking too long to bathe!




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