“There he is!!!!”
Without a moment of hesitation, he geared up all his energy and started running after him.
The man who is being chased of course is a weird looking creep with an eye patch ( thankfully he left the parrot at his home) and had two ‘intact’ legs. #swag
Screaming, “YO HO HO!” he sipped his rum and started running like one legged dog! B)
They scampered through the ghetto, molesting every object that lay in front.
All it needed was a fat black lady saying, “Thoooomassss!!!” and it’d have made a perfect tom and jerry episode!
Parkouring through the rooftops, they came to the main road where strangely enough their mates werejack-sparrow-pirates-of-the-caribbean2 waiting in black tanks…
Exchanging pleasantries? Might be!
And now starts the NFS!
It’s customary, that in every chase a vegetable vendor must be completely destroyed, so they did!
Every single etiquette was taken cared off!
Our hero takes charge of the turret and blasts the entire civilisation in front of him, tearing through concrete like cardboard they went, still maintaining the one hand distance that they initially had!
Time for the climax of the climax!
Suddenly, they are led into an open space and its time for ….
They get down from the car and stare at each other for no reason, and the villain speaks in the worst Arabic accent ever!
What does he tell?
There is only thing to tell,
“ Aiiii hevvvv the Rushhian nuuclear launcch codess…. if you whant it, chum and ghet it!”
The hero steps up mouthing the words, “I ain’t here to play doctor! Am I?”
And they engage in an exhilarating battle of dandiya with metal rods, for they have no guns right?

“What a crappy film!” He said, and closed the VLC Media Player!

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