I opened mine eyes to an unfamiliar sight. Through the barbs I saw loads of bodies rushing past.
What might be the case I wondered?
My room was dimly lit. An overhead crack was the sole provider of sunlight which had made a little circle on the floor.
They behaved awkwardly, some were on foot, and some weren’t.
Pretty Strange huh?
They had entered through an archway which had a head stuck on top of it and….
Who cares?? Food was there!
I couldn’t have possibly mistaken the delicious smell of steak and dropping all my thoughts down the drain, I jumped at it and gobbled it all down in an instant, relishing every bit of it!
Having been fed, I returned to the case of my aforementioned curiosity.
Making their way past the marble lanes, they were now looking at my relatives’ in absolute awe!
Sadly, I couldn’t see them very clearly as they were far away. I could only make their silhouettes from where I was, but it was getting clearer as they were approaching me.
The entire herd, with all its hustle and bustle seemed to be charging at me, as if in a battle ground.
At last they were here,
In front of mine very own eyes,
I couldn’t believe what I had just seen!

I went absolutely numb at their sight and only when they moved I was able to read a sign placed just outside my little place
It read
Then I saw the animals leave the zoo.

thank you for reading!

2 thoughts on “to SEE is to BELIEVE

  1. Great work..sometimes humans forget what makes them different from this world of creatures i.e. “HUMANITY” !!!


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