A tall hooded and lanky man banged the door open,he lit the CFL and switched on his PC.
It was certainly the strangest room ever.

A computer was fixed in the middle, surrounded by what seemed like CRYO tubes. While his PC sluggishly beeped to a start, he paced up and down the room and came abruptly to a halt before the window and looked out of it.

From the view, it could be understood that the house in which he was housed was situated on a hill top, nothing could be seen outside but a thick haze had obstructed the ground from viewing.
Finally, the PC came to life!
He had a strange counter placed on his home screen which started to blink rapidly showing “7.4B”.

His mailboxes(he had multiple aliases) was synced to his O.S , as soon as he went online, hundreds and thousands of emails started to crowd his spam folders.

He opened his drafts folder and started to type this huge essay which he couldn’t finish last night as he had to make special appearances at different religious institutions.
The essay went on about 30 pages more and on finishing (the last line was, “then the bullet went through his skull”) he let out a brief sigh and pressed CTRL+S, wherein he named the piece as “FATE of……(followed by the a command which inserts the appropriate date and time)”.
As soon as he had finished, the LED lights atop the CRYO tubes started to blink,while making weird noises on being connected to his PC. He transferred many files from his PC to the CRYO tube named fate,health,education etc..
Once the transfer was completed, the CRYO tube zoomed out of the room and a baby was born miles away, who would die 50 years later when a bullet will go through his skull.

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  1. Excellent way of thinking ! Who knew He would be such a nerdy kind of guy? xD xD xD anyways still pondering over the purpose of the CRYO tubes though !…


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