SWEAT          FATIGUE          PAIN          DARKNESS


People are going crazy and are screaming at the top of their voice…


You might be wondering if I am describing a scene of sadism, NO!

The Folks at this little town have gone bollocks and are trying to find a solution to a certain problem…

But why does it involve so much pushing?

Well, allow me to tell you from the start, it’s a short one , please bear with me…


The procrastinating perverts of TEMPSTOWN  have a new problem to deal with, two huge interconnected pieces of logs, one slightly longer, has appeared out of nowhere in the middle of the damn circular street.

Usually, people have come up with varied explanations, the weirdest of them claim it to be the “toothpick of the gods”.

Now, let me tell you the folks here are just like the playas from Sleepy Hollow sans that ghost or whatever the hell it was.

These bloody logs have obstructed the people from going to their favourite brothels, and there isn’t a way around, so, they have come to the conclusion that they will have to push the logs out of the way and that’s the first work that these lazybones are going to do in their lifetime, yes lifetime!!

They while away their time hunting Pokémon’s and turning their faces into the so-called pieces of art.

There are always cheats, and in Tempstown its no exception, in order to feed their horses, some dudes tried to jump over dem logs to go to the other side, but it isn’t as simple as you think,

No sooner did they land, they were shot right back at the end of the road in full pace.

I was standing there all along and didn’t even utter a single word, but this incident was way too much for me to bear, I asked the stout bearded man who was standing next to me about this fuss, he replied

“Suhm’(some) nuht(nut)  shaoued(showed) uuup(up)  todaee(today) mornin’(morning) and saaaid(said)

Yer TIME starts now and you be mah(my) Chienne now!”

They have to do their work on time from now on!

Tick tock Tick tock…


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