One fine morning an old man discovers a huge green while walking by the river. He was shocked to see an enormous land absolutely empty. Excitedly, he went back to his people.

First in small numbers, then in large the tribesmen came and settled. Along the years, they built a magnificent city, bustling with trade, commerce, culture, what not?

People say that nothing good lasts forever, so true! Owing to a catastrophe the entire civilisation was reduced to nothing but a molehill of the mortified.

In the calm after the storm, two little boys discover each other while running about…

Yes, Lady Luck had smiled upon them, by chance.

With time, they grew up, met several travellers and preachers, and pulled their homeland from the dirt. In turn, rewarded the men with chunks of land for their generosity.

Thus the old glory of the place was restored, partially, but no matter what they did, they couldn’t erase the scar from their soil wherein they were left to die.

The glass was overturned and time started to flow rapidly until one certain day, a fair blonde appeared and restored it to its original state.

The brothers, adults now, but their free-spirited nature was still intact. The fair blonde greeted and requested them to play with him. Not having played anything for quite some time, the brothers agreed to play the game of “Blind Chase” where one will be blindfolded and will have to catch the others.

They played the game for so long, so long, that the brothers actually forgot how the other one looked.

After long time when they opened their eyes, the fair blonde was nowhere to be seen,

What could be seen though was a barrier

and his brother on the other side of it.


Oh yes,

Happy Independence Day!


Hand of the King



A cumulonimbus was slowly making its way towards the sun, fast forward ten minutes and it has already covered the sun and was starting to announce himself on the stage by numerous gurgles and groans. The birds hurried across the scenery to gather the last bits of bread they could find and as they were about to complete their return journey, they were greeted by numerous droplets of heavenly water. The first rain of the season. Earth breathed a huge sigh of sweet relief.

Mr.Anonymo watched all these unfold from his attic as he slurped his favourite Darjeeling. Being an introvert man he keeps to himself, talks to no one except his maid.

Of Late, he thinks that someone is constantly trying to kill him, who and why he doesn’t know. So, he prefers to be armed with his KUKRI at all times.

When he peeped at his mobile to look at a certain notification, the time caught his eye and he instantly rose to take a bath as it was 12 noon already. As he was about to leave the room the unthinkable happened…

A hand appeared from behind and tried to strangle him to death, he writhed in pain and tried to get rid of the hold but it was of no use, the grip was getting tighter. He took out the KUKRI from his pocket and repeatedly struck that arm till the grasp loosened and the arm fell with a thud.

Being terrified at his deeds he didn’t even bother to look at the attacker at latched the door to the attic as he rushed downstairs to the summon the police.

Completely oblivious to his present state or what he had just done he rushed out of the house to the police outpost that was located very close to his house.

The policemen were shocked to see man drenched in blood and immediately went after him to catch the killer, they followed him as he tumbled like a drunkard to his now infamous attic.

When Mr.Anonymo opened the door, there was nothing but….

a hand which lay on the floor and a man without one.