Dee wasn’t feeling really good that day. Her fur wasn’t shining bright nor did she have that familiar glint in her eyes. She kept unusually quiet and the little girl complained that she wasn’t even willing to play either. As time passed by, the problem grew more serious. Flies started to hover around her, yet the health cautious and easily irritated Dee kept remarkably silent.

It was time for some action as Dee wasn’t getting any better which caused the little girl to sulk even more. The elders decided to give Dee some new clothing to start with. The new cloth which she would be getting underwent some lengthy preparation as it was preserved in some kind of a jelly-like-substance for a long time. There were rumours that the new skin belonged to someone really close to Dee of which she had no idea about. After a fortnight, Dee was presented with her new and authentic clothes from the Derma brand. The little girl seemed the most excited as she repeatedly told everyone that “Dee wasn’t looking skinny anymore!”

After putting the new clothes on, she was given an extravagant bath with all the modern chemicals and stuff to reduce the infection. That good old glow was coming back.

But, something was still missing, and the girl was constantly nagging her mother about that.

The problem was finally identified after a long time, it was with the eyes, which looked pale as ever. They were also taken care of and the glassy shine returned to her eyes.

Finally, she was stuffed, which brought an end to a lengthy process.

The little girl seemed really happy now, as Dee was willing to play again.

In another room, a middle-aged lady handed some payment over to a shady looking man and said

“Thank You for treating her,



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