Sharing a short little verse that I had written few days back in the train for Ink Elan

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Pulwama Massacre

Dr Partha Banerjee wrote a fiery article in Bengali on the Pulwama attack, here’s the link to that:

I translated the same in English:

Do read, react, comment and share the thoughts.

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Midterm Elections

Dr Partha Banerjee wrote an article in Bengali for the Abp on 31st October 2018 on the American midterm elections, here’s the link to that:

I, in turn, had translated it to English, which was uploaded to
HUMANITY COLLEGE here’s the link to that as well:

Read any at your convenience and let me know.

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This post was written for the occasion of Mahalaya for Ink Elan

Here’s the link:

Kaashi: the city that wasn’t!

Kaashi, or Varanasi, is one of those places to surely feature on anyone’s Freudian bucket list.

It is one of the oldest cities in the world and it makes sure you understand that while roaming about in its organic lanes and by lanes and by by by lanes and so on.  My last trip to this place wasn’t my first, but I can say that it was the first time I looked at it through my own eyes. I won’t be documenting the various places of “so-called” worship because everyone does that.

The hotel where we stayed this time was a remarkable one (hold your hats folks!). It made me wonder about a lot of things, most of all, I wondered if Dante had decided to include the 10th circle of hell, it would have been something like our place! Sounds Warm, doesn’t it?

I am not really a shutterbug, but an entire canvas of myriad experiences made me want to document this unusual journey.

I have heard a lot of talks, especially from the foreigners that they come to Varanasi to “find” themselves! This time I realised a teeny tiny bit of how that happens. One fine evening, I found myself sulking in the audience of the evening prayer, which happens at the ghats. Therefore, I decided to take a walk by the ghats and explore the literal margin of this antique city. I jammed my earphones in and started to walk. What song was I listening to you ask? Oh, I was listening to American Idiot by Green Day. Is this Globalisation? Multiculturalism? Post Modernism? Frankly, I don’t care.

Look at this boat, sailing the lands forever!


If you stand with your back towards the river and look up towards the skyline, believe me, for a moment I thought I was there in favelas of Brazil!


Nature, I believe, has its own rhetoric. A place called “juice bar” is promoting their brand by showing the way to the burning ghat of all places. I am not going to elaborate on this beautiful irony and destroy your poetry.


Let me remind you, this graffiti is in Varanasi, beside the Vishwanath temple, on the lap of the Ganga.

I’m j-u-s-t saying!


These two holy souls are here seen drawing their daily dose of inspiration from a heavenly conflict between Ray Mysterio and Randy Orton.


I have never had the guts to visit a burial ground, you can call me a coward in that respect. But, here, an inexplicable urge led me on towards that “fatal” place. Is this the force that nature has? Was this what Wordsworth meant?

I kept moving, felt more alive as I did. And when I reached I felt a wave of souls moving through my body. Scores of logs were stacked on all the sides, as the vehicles for the dead. Looking at them made me wonder, someday some log would be mine too!

I don’t really know if dusty the real term to describe the place, because the dust has- me, you, and everyone: the biggest family on earth.


Bodies piled on another, wrapped in white, all set to be launched into eternity. A “grave” situation you’d wonder, right? I am not sure if I can say that because as the enlightenment was dawning upon me, my castle of glass was immediately shattered by a nonchalant tea seller nasal screaming “lebuuu chaiii” (lemon tea). Oh yes, who wouldn’t want refreshment while disposing of the dead!

The power of this place was such that I wanted to go there day after day to drink life from the dead.

Also, every damn creepy house I saw above a few flights of steps, I thought that it was the abode of the great MOCHLI BABA! ALAS! I never found it. Sad.

I have finally reached a moo point


amar kotha ti furolo
note gaach ti murolo

By the way this was the most stylish guy I found there:


oh, the swagger!

All the pictures as you have already noticed are shaky. No! I am not imitating Mrinal Sen or something. It’s just that I wanted to give a feel of the bustling life through these pictures. The city was moving and so was I.  This definitely not all, from a personal perspective, this trip also featured one of the best co-incidences I have ever seen in my life. I couldn’t believe something so poetic could ever happen to me! What the co-incidence you wonder? Maybe, I will tell you someday over coffee, but it has to be your treat!

I hope you enjoyed this trip.





Two friends, Anik and Barnak are writing in class whilst
talking in whispers.

Seen Sacred Games yet?


Anik stops writing. Looks at Barnak in disgust.

Oh yes, I forgot, Doordarshan is
more of a comfort zone for you!

I told you, man… I’m not into all

What else do you do but cram stupid
notes all day?

It’s called self-study fool, ever
done that?

Ever done that without books?

I don’t really prefer manuscripts,
thank you!

You’re undoubtedly the worst
comedian I have ever heard of!

But you have heard of me…


So you do watch movies?


Talking of books, you can get loads
of that on the internet which you
can’t even dream of getting in the
market, what do you say to that,

I don’t know if your updated mind
has come across this term, but we
laymen use a thing called the
‘li-bra-ry’, ever heard of it?

Seriously? A library? You’re funny!
You think one library can match the
entire online database?

Maybe it can’t, but, if you had
been to one, you’d understand that
a library is more than–

Anik tries to cut in, Barnak gestures him not to interrupt.


Just a storehouse of books, it’s a
place of meditation as well, which
offers tranquillity and
concentration! Tell me which of
your ‘websites’ does that?

Libraries are currently doing one
thing, and that is digitisation!
Try and access Jstor sometime!

Barnak nods his head in acknowledgement and carries on

Let alone all the web series’,
chuck them, they are just for
entertainment. But, don’t tell
me, the lectures and videos aren’t
helpful. They are done by the best
in the world. Admit it, you also
watch them.

I prefer a hands-on discussion with
my teachers, thank you very much.
Can your ‘best in the world’ give
you that?

But you can at least check them out
Gestures at the blackboard
The one of differential calculus
was awesome, just awesome! I sent
you the link, you probably haven’t
even bothered to check it out.

Can’t take these–

Gestures at the blackboard

Down properly, and here you are
talking about more stuff. Pfft!

As I said, they aid in your
understanding only–

As I also said, my home teachers
are perfectly capable of that!

When did I say they are not? Come
on! E-learning is in demand bro!
They even offer certificates on
completing courses!

Nowadays they give certificates for
everything– someday I’ll hear
mothers handing out certificates to
their children for successfully
bringing dhania from the market!

You’re tedious!

The point is, we’re ultimately
gonna toil night and day in some
corporate firm, so, what’s the
point of all this anyway?


At this point, Anik comes out of character, breaks the fourth
wall and directly talks to the audience as an ad-hoc narrator
of sorts. Light focuses on Anik as Barnak is not seen.

Eventually, after some more witty
repartee with Barnak, the bell rang
to mark the end of the tiring maths
class. Immediately, Barnak gets
called by, Shruti, another
classmate of ours, to solve- what
she calls- an ‘IIT level’ Maths
problem. For Barnak, this sounded
like a call for the show valour and
chivalry. He puffed his chests out
and went to rescue his damsel in
distress. It all looked very much
like a page from Walter Scott.
After a few moments, a dejected
Barnak quietly returned to the
seat, it is evident that he has
lost the battle of sexes. Not only
was he unable to solve the problem,
but Nayanika did it for him.

Anik goes back into character as the lights now show both of

Eh, Anik, umm, could you send me
those links today evening?

Oh, there are loads, I have to
search for them…

Please man…

Won’t be possible today evening, in
the night perhaps?

Are you busy this evening?

Yes, have Roshni ma’am’s tuition.


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Ink élan is at it again by launching another fabulous series called  “Bishwo cup of tea” (world cup of tea)!

Like the previous immensely successful “Baishakhe chander haat”, I have also contributed here with the story of a very inspiring individual!

After reading the post, I can assure you that this guy is a “keeper”.

Read it here:

This time my post has been illustrated by the very passionate Sayan Mukherjee


This poem of mine was published by The Literary Herald, go on, give it a read:

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|Narayan Kotha|

Amader Ink élan r Baishakhe Chaander Haat er 10 nombor porbo ti amar sesh obodan ei series e, asha kori bhalo lagbe Narayan babu k nie amar ei lekha ti, bhalo lagle ekta like deben please!

Ebare kintu bangla horof eo lekha hoeche!

Artwork by Sourin Das and Designed by Arghadeep Saha


Amader Ink élan r Baishakhe Chaander Haat er aath nombor porbo ta likhlam bangalir shera khelar dui “king”bodonti der nie: P.K and Amal

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Artwork by Arghadeep Saha