Amader Ink élan r Baishakhe Chaander Haat er aath nombor porbo ta likhlam bangalir shera khelar dui “king”bodonti der nie: P.K and Amal

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Artwork by Arghadeep Saha

The Last Ball

Two groups of women were battling for supremacy on a foreign turf. But, the fight, irrespective of the context, seemed familiar to many others who observed it from a great distance. The world had never seen anything like this before.                                                   Like many other high-born women, Raima was also traditionally sold into another household.   Putting her dreams in the dumpster, she took charge of the kitchen during day and kisses during the night. The noble Pal bongsho had just acquired a new scapegoat.


The match was nearing a nail-biting conclusion when the gods of thunder from all mythologies joined heads and decided to intervene. The ominous clouds came from all directions to dampen their spirits. To their utter shock, nothing could deter the spirits of these amazons.                                                                                                                             Raima wanted to be a player herself but failed, as maintaining a chaste demeanour was considered more important than the very unwomanly barbarianism she was interested in.


It was a do or die situation now, the last moment of action would seal the fate. On one side, a burly lady was charging in to deliver at a great pace and accuracy; on the other hand, a meek Raima was attempting her first roti. Stakes were high: pride of the team and the soshur-bari were at stake on both the sides. The lady delivered with great pace but it was dispatched with equal vigour. Raima flamed one side of the roti for far too long: it was burnt!


The girls’ team were distraught, it was the first time they had reached such a stage but couldn’t capitalise on it. Raima was shocked on seeing the shape of the roti and had started imagining the unimaginable.

Just when everything was falling apart, the girls saw the entire stadium giving them a standing ovation. Kottababu was taken aback by Raima’s grim look. He went beside her, smiled and said “ashte ashte hobe” and hugged her tight.


It was then that these women realised, the apparent defeat is just another stepping stone for success.

What if a war is lost? The battle is there to be won!




roti– a type of flatbread

soshur-bari– in-laws’ house

kottababu– head of the family

ashte ashte hobe-give it time

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Oh God!

The darkness of the stage is broken by a momentary flash of blinding light and loud cracks.


The light silhouetted darkness is now pervaded by two characters who enter from both ends.

[drum roll]

enter Oh and God!

Oh, a highly cynical lady of age surveys her surroundings and keeps stuttering towards the middle of the stage while letting out a puff or two. On reaching, her eyes fall on a young man who wore deep purple robes, a cap and a shiny long necklace, which was the cause of much amusement for the lady.


God!, a young lad, most probably a teenager, perhaps the calmest one there ever was; casually strolls into the stage and looks at the smoking old lady dressed in a curious manner. Her head was covered by a cloth, like a hippie! He couldn’t control his chuckle and let out a loud sneer.


[The coincidental bursts of not so subtle scorn swiftly gained their ways into each other’s ears.]

[Long pause and melodious violin plays as the characters start to dance towards each other and stop at once when they meet]

Oh: So, why do you dress in such a fancy manner eh? RELIGIOUS ARE YOU? Don’t you know that there is nothing called God! How can you be so backwards that in spite of living in the modern times you still cling on to these ancient beliefs? Allow me to illuminate you, YOUNG MAN!

There is no proof about God! Science triumphed way back when Darwin paraded the minds of the intellectuals with his groundbreaking theories! And yet, you crackpots…still believe that someone is up there who created us, eh? Do you even Science, huh?

Religion was introduced as a mean of oppression to thwart the voices of the subaltern! It was nothing more than a fancy narrative, meant for striking fear in the hearts of the laymen. The oppressors enjoyed the shunning of these classes as that allowed them to reap the fruits of their “sinned” lives! How else do you explain the concepts of sin and retribution or whatever measures they have for wiping sin away in a jiffy!

And, you know what, all of y’all think that your faith tells the absolute truth and all the others are absolute nonsense! And that’s MY BOY is the root of all evils in the modern society!!!!!! The devastating wars are wiping the universe of anything human that is left in society, Why doesn’t your God look after us now? Do you have an answer you ignorant fool?

[The young man, after a long period of constant ranting, finally opens his mouth while fingering the insides of his ear]

God!: Calm down madam, such rage is not good for your pursuit to heaven.

[The lady’s face turns purple and she prepares to throw her walking stick but decides against it at the end]

Why are you so angry madame? The evil forces have taken your soul over I am sorry to say. I do understand what you’re trying to say, madame.

See, we, the so-called religious people do understand the reason for your frustration as you all will never be accepted by the almighty. So, you all decided to rant against him to hide your deep seated angsts.

[The lady manages to keep her cool, in spite of shaking vigorously with anger]

And with your science stuff, with all due respect madame, your lot are always coming up with new explanations and theories every day…

Which one do we believe?

Are the modern explanations true? Not even you can guarantee that! Can you?

Coming to the tortures and making others to forcefully believe in your belief,

Is that not what you were doing to me till now?

[The lady opens her mouth and every sane living being could foretell the ranting that she’d be going on right now]

But, whoops!!! Powercut !

All the cast and crew are left irritated with this mishap, the room was pitch black.

The final rehearsal of “Oh God!” sadly met an abrupt end.

The director was forced to scream “Pack-up!” and promised that he would try and squeeze in another session or two before the first screening of the already full house production!

The main characters Oh (played by Adidi Warrens) and God!(played by Hitchen Dawkins) were left disgruntled but hugged each other out after a virtual phase of mutual scorn.

Before leaving the set, Hitchen came running towards Adidi and returned her cross necklace which she takes everyday to church. He almost threw the necklace to her and ran homewards.

“Have some respect!” the lady yelled.

“You and your religion..ugh!” came the reply.

Rumour has it that never again were actors so committed.

One can show their bodies in spite of reluctance but,

Can one reluctantly acknowledge the other side of their beliefs?  


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He is Manik and He is Felu!










Satyajit Ray

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Life in little rooms

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One fine morning an old man discovers a huge green while walking by the river. He was shocked to see an enormous land absolutely empty. Excitedly, he went back to his people.

First in small numbers, then in large the tribesmen came and settled. Along the years, they built a magnificent city, bustling with trade, commerce, culture, what not?

People say that nothing good lasts forever, so true! Owing to a catastrophe the entire civilisation was reduced to nothing but a molehill of the mortified.

In the calm after the storm, two little boys discover each other while running about…

Yes, Lady Luck had smiled upon them, by chance.

With time, they grew up, met several travellers and preachers, and pulled their homeland from the dirt. In turn, rewarded the men with chunks of land for their generosity.

Thus the old glory of the place was restored, partially, but no matter what they did, they couldn’t erase the scar from their soil wherein they were left to die.

The glass was overturned and time started to flow rapidly until one certain day, a fair blonde appeared and restored it to its original state.

The brothers, adults now, but their free-spirited nature was still intact. The fair blonde greeted and requested them to play with him. Not having played anything for quite some time, the brothers agreed to play the game of “Blind Chase” where one will be blindfolded and will have to catch the others.

They played the game for so long, so long, that the brothers actually forgot how the other one looked.

After long time when they opened their eyes, the fair blonde was nowhere to be seen,

What could be seen though was a barrier

and his brother on the other side of it.


Oh yes,

Happy Independence Day!

My Swamiji

“Live and let live” was the belief of the prophet of a new age better known as Swami Vivekananda. Narendranath Dutta or ‘BIley’ as he was affectionately known took birth in an affluent Simla st. family to Vishwanath Dutta and Bhuvaneshwari Devi in 1863.

From his very childhood, he showed sparks of brilliance and excelled in many a sport. He was an excellent orator along with being proficient at physical activities. Throughout his life, he championed and heralded the cause of the labouring classes of the country. “Religion doesn’t lie in theory, but in practice” was all he longed to preach.

He sought god through his service to the mankind. Vivekananda entirely believed on those whose hearts blood has contributed to all the progress that has been made in the world, contrary to those who believe in the few philosophical works or a dozen epics penned down by the ancestors to be more significant. He had pointed out the neglect of the masses to be a great national sin contributing to the drastic downfall of the great nation.

The Great Russian litterateur Leo Tolstoy praises Swamiji’s excellent polemics about God. He was indeed inquisitive about the truth leading to the realisation of God.The thirst was quenched by his ‘to-be’ guru Ramakrishna Paramhansa Dev, who responded the best. Sri Ramakrishna was convinced that it was only Narendranath who could understand and disseminate his teachings. A practical man, Swamiji believed in “first bread then religion”.

So, in honour of his then-inanimate guru, he and his disciples started the Ramakrishna Math at Belur to be a source of ‘daily bread’ for the needy.

To reshape and remodel the country Swamiji felt the need of a band of fiery patriots. To spread his word he left for Chicago to attend the World Parliament of Religions in 1893. There he addressed the gathering as “Sisters and Brothers of America” which was received with a thunderous standing ovation. Through his speech he became an overnight phenomenon and everyone wanted a piece of him. Swamiji continued to travel the length and breadth of the States and Europe to preach his ideologies. He had gained innumerable followers worldwide with the Scots-Irish Sister, Nivedita being the most notable.

Worn out from his ceaseless errands he returned to his motherland in 1897 and breathed his last on 1902.

Swami Vivekananda left behind an eternal legacy to inspire generations to come. He was the torch bearer to a new dynamic India. He was the man in whom even Kabiguru Rabindranath found “Everything positive and nothing negative.”

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