Finding the Calling

A play of sorts in one act

Narrator: Ladies and gentlemen, attention please, A red digital clock at Howrah station platform no.3 showed 4:29; the diabolical figure resonated through his mind, as missing the 4:30 local….oh the horror! He dragged his over-exhausted right leg amidst the sea of people and managed to somehow scamper into the much dreaded first compartment.

Boy: Phew! That was so close!

Narrator: His momentary inflated ego was crushed immediately by a nonchalant hawker who shrugged him off as if he wasn’t there.

Boy: Heyy! Can’t you see me? Huh?

Narrator: No brother, you’re John Cena. (pause) Just as he had managed a decent standing place, saw something very odd lurking in a general compartment, (bold sarcastic voice) two young ladies (yay!).

Boy: Oh crap! She is looking at me!

Girl1: Umm…will the train stop at konnagar?

Boy (blabbering): Well! The train, madam, stops at every station but you know, the journey never ends.

Just like love, it goes on and on and on…

Girl1: stupid! (aside)

Boy: (to the audience)

Forget trains!

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in love, must say yes to everything at first. And…I think…yes, I am in Love.

Narrator: She was not the one for the poets and it was exactly that which made everything so poetic.

Girl1 (to Girl2): Why is he being so weird?

Girl2 (smiles while looking at the boy through the corner of her eye; speaks distractedly): What do YOU think? … well, you should know!

Girl1: NO, I mean..umm …wait! What do you mean by that?

Girl2: Ummm… nothing.. well, I prefer speaking in innuendoes you know!

Girl1: INNUENDOES???   Ughhh!! You and your “MILLS AND BOONS”!

Narrator: The switch my friend is ON!

Girl1: No INNUENDOS and for your kind information No Love Story here..

Girl2: By the way… When did I say it’s a LOVE story? Huh?

Boy (sudden excitement and despair): Oh GOD! I can’t find my phone! (to Girl1; panting) Excuse me! Can you please give me a missed call?

Girl2(whispers): Ahem! Ahem! Divine intervention you see…

Boy: Well, yeah… I do understand it’s awkward for you, please help me out here…

Girl1: Why do you think brother I will help you? Do you think I’m a nun in some Cathedral ready to help everyone?


Boy (whispers): What! Brother!
(aloud): Okay, sorry to brother you… I mean to bother you… wait! Why should I be sorry? A nun is never bothered anyway. After all, she’s the harbinger of love.

Girl2: Whoa!.. is something on fire? Or someone diss-appointed?

Narrator: On hitting call after moments of reluctant dialling… the compartment was instantly graced by the tunes of “Can’t Help falling in Love”, thanks to the Chinese speakers! (pause) After few moments of rampant rummaging, our boy discovers his device, lying below a seat and picks up in the blink of an eye.

Boy: Thanks… (whispers) It is truly said that one can never predict them… (pause) Okay, sorry, don’t mind…

Narrator: She smiles away with her friend on another side of the compartment; leaving the boy red-faced. Thank god for the climax, that was one intensely boring narration! So, ladies and gentlemen, that was our—-

Girl2 (interrupts the narrator): Hey, narrator! You didn’t tell the full story?

Narrator: What story? My script ends here!

*gestures “she is crazy” to the audience*

Girl2 (to the audience; *Girl1 and Boy high-fives*): Allow me to finish it then, and take you all into the future (points at Girl1 while she hides her face)you know “A lady’s imagination is very rapid; it jumps from admiration to love, from love to matrimony in a moment.” Well, what started as a mutual admiration laced with scorn has ended with the two smiling.

Narrator: What are you talking about?

Girl2: Can’t you see the mutual glimmer in their eyes? The glimmer of happiness

Narrator: Happiness! A thing which started as an act of incivility has culminated otherwise? Really!

Boy: See sometimes even a simple start can…

Girl1: …lead to a story!

Boy: (to the audience):

Well, everything said and done,

I hope you had much fun;

I would now like to conclude by saying this—

So as to leave you all in bliss:

You might as now well think, that I had kept the phone there on purpose…..

Well….. Did I?




This was performed as a closet drama by the SA Jaipuria team at Shri Shikshayatan College.

It is inspired by Com Partment:

, originally written by Samya Brata Roy.

However, it was adapted for the performance by a lot of people:

Samya Brata Roy

Srija Chakraborty

Susmita Roy Chaudhuri

Shreya Banerjee

Chandrani Sanyal

and last but not the least

Mr Bimal Chakraborty or as we lovingly call him Bimal sir.

We enjoyed working on it so much that we even plan to release a video of it in the near future.

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One fine Opportunity

The sporting dreams of millions in our country have been thwarted in the past owing to countless obstacles. Of late, Lady Fortune has finally turned her nonchalant head towards us with a blessing of hosting a grand event. Hope we, INDIANS can take this a launchpad to give the countless sporting dreams a decent trajectory.

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I dedicate this writing to the sports fraternity of my country— let us unite so that we may prosper by leaving the obstacles behind!

Single Leg Amputee Sports Club (SLASC)

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A Little Messy

To M.R,

Nothing special about today you know, yet here I am scribblin’ away about the happenings o’ the day for you my sister.

The day was extraordinarily ordinary, regular stuff happenin’ the way it should.

At Ten o’clock sharp in the morn I jostled my way through the dizzy streets and finally reached my destination: my cubby hole in the office (which I had graciously accepted).


After signing below MACEY in blue bold letters (yes we have a register for cryin’ out loud), I sat down in my rusty chair and started making certain arrangements.

After a few moments, I heard muffl’d voices emanating from the grandiose chamber just in front o’ my humble abode. The ‘show’ as I understood, was ON. It was that good ol’ hag again, his favourite nourishment amongst many others.


I, on the other hand, work behind the scenes and prefer to relish the magic on stage. He brings people in, shows off his guns n’ whistles whilst I keep ‘em polished and prevent ‘em from gettin’ any wee scratches.


Okay, the hag is about to leave now, which means it’s my time to look after his needs once again. As soon as the octogenarian was out of earshot, I received his call in a broken voice.

He, ‘Boss’ as people like to call him sat like a duck, drenched in his own tears.

“Not again!” said I and rush’d inside his office to console him.

“How will I pay for all this? The green leather armchair? The electric heating? The bloody wine cellar!?” he whimpered.

“How many times do yea need me to tell yea that I’ll take care of all that? huh?!”  replied I with a reassuring tone.

He picked his turquoise blue tie with shaking hands and said while dabbing gently at his wet bloodshot eyes “It was all for him, all for him” and broke down again while pointing towards a picture of a grim looking boy in a soldier’s uniform.

It was my turn to do something else I would lose him forever, that can’t be good!

So, I went beside him and whispered in his ears “If you are his father, I am his godfather too, you aren’t the only one with responsibilities! Now, do yea want to sacrifice all our efforts down the drain?” Yes, my words were having an effect on him, I could see him clenching his teeth and practising a firm jaw. “Now stop acting like a child and do what you are here for… play the BOSS for god’s sake!”


No teary-eyed reply came shooting back. He was gone, the ‘Boss’ had finally replaced him for good.

He then gestured me to return to my cubby hole to which I replied with a smirk.

The door chime signalled the arrival of a new client/guest to be taken ‘care’ of. One glance told me it was Katherine, crazy girl, thinks that I am a servant here, well that’s a “win-win” situation for me to be honest. As soon as she entered I gave up the stern demeanour and bade her “good evening” in a very docile voice.

Rumour has it, that the girl writes, god knows if she has written about us as well.




This story was originally intended as prequel/sequel to Katherine Mansfield’s The Fly, which on much introspection I decided to give a stand alone appeal.


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The Last Ball

Two groups of women were battling for supremacy on a foreign turf. But, the fight, irrespective of the context, seemed familiar to many others who observed it from a great distance. The world had never seen anything like this before.                                                   Like many other high-born women, Raima was also traditionally sold into another household.   Putting her dreams in the dumpster, she took charge of the kitchen during day and kisses during the night. The noble Pal bongsho had just acquired a new scapegoat.


The match was nearing a nail-biting conclusion when the gods of thunder from all mythologies joined heads and decided to intervene. The ominous clouds came from all directions to dampen their spirits. To their utter shock, nothing could deter the spirits of these amazons.                                                                                                                             Raima wanted to be a player herself but failed, as maintaining a chaste demeanour was considered more important than the very unwomanly barbarianism she was interested in.


It was a do or die situation now, the last moment of action would seal the fate. On one side, a burly lady was charging in to deliver at a great pace and accuracy; on the other hand, a meek Raima was attempting her first roti. Stakes were high: pride of the team and the soshur-bari were at stake on both the sides. The lady delivered with great pace but it was dispatched with equal vigour. Raima flamed one side of the roti for far too long: it was burnt!


The girls’ team were distraught, it was the first time they had reached such a stage but couldn’t capitalise on it. Raima was shocked on seeing the shape of the roti and had started imagining the unimaginable.

Just when everything was falling apart, the girls saw the entire stadium giving them a standing ovation. Kottababu was taken aback by Raima’s grim look. He went beside her, smiled and said “ashte ashte hobe” and hugged her tight.


It was then that these women realised, the apparent defeat is just another stepping stone for success.

What if a war is lost? The battle is there to be won!




roti– a type of flatbread

soshur-bari– in-laws’ house

kottababu– head of the family

ashte ashte hobe-give it time

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A hand rises amidst the sea of heads…




The speech begins as the mic lays out a high-frequency screech…



You might want to sit back and clear your mind (or your bowels if you want to) for this. The matter is serious and has already gotten out of hand. So, I have decided that enough is enough, and speak on behalf of my community.

Considering the majority of my audience, I assume that most of you might have used us over and over again till we have given your senses a sore.

You have oppressed us, ogled at us and even thought of exchanging us, but we didn’t complain. You judged us by our “brands” and our so-called features, we suffered in silence. We charged your soul with hours of emotions: laughter, anger, angst et all! Yet you resorted to other means of entertainment leaving us high and dry! Did we retort then?

Then why do this to us now?

Why do you keep breaking us over and over again? It is true that we can’t speak or say a word against your supremacy, your control, it seems we are to only dance to those signals you throw at us!

So, think before shattering us, breaking us with your pseudo-brutality, because remember-

What goes around comes around!

Yours Truly,

The Television Union

and its predicament after the face-offs of arch rivals.


The silence is broken by a young guy draped in mono-colour…

How can you be so cruel, madam? You can be a very good orator and everything but you can’t randomly sexualise this matter for your ends! Do not think that we all are sitting ducks here! Do we not understand your propaganda? You are deliberately trying to make us empathise with your problems by giving it the subtext of a sexual harassment! We do think that your issue demands an answer but please don’t use one of the most pressing issues in our society for your benefits!

The young man has to stop now as he realises that the lady has already left without paying heed to his comments.


I, myself, standing right at the corner of this very room was carefully observing the proceedings till now with a solemn brow while impersonating a serious Sukanto. But, me being dormant thus far now feel a need to say something to you, my friend… Be it the communal, sexual issues or the protection of certain lactating herbivores- every issue demands our undivided attention, true, but do you know what we need more at this crucial juncture…. unity. Why do I, a mere narrator/writer thus far, feel the need to say this to you (without being a character in my own story)? I do because it is not the race for the throne which is a real threat to us it is the things that lie beyond the wall. Period.


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Life in little rooms

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Today’s development, tommorows responsibility.


The world as we know it has changed,rather has developed over the ages.


From the stone age to the internet generation , a few things have remained constant . One of them being the endless crave for development. There has never ever been any stagnation regarding the process of development. Something  or the other always gets the scientists fidgeting about. Only one moto prevails, “To make our world a better place to live in.”

Simplest of the discoveries even if malhandled can lead to fatal outcomes. The primary cause is population pressure. The worlds head count increases at almost a g.p rate per annum. So naturally, all the nature’s natural cant acoomodate all the wishes . The first concern which rises here is undoubtedly energy . An alternative source for clean energy is wanted badly. Taking about energy, one thing comes to mind, “NUCLEAR”. It is undoubtedly the word that defines the proverb, “Science is good servant but a bad master.” Nuclear source of energy was discovered as an alternative for fossil fuels. Certainly a great development.


But “with great power comes great responsibilities”. It was the duty of the scientists to implement nuclear energy for good purposes only. Ironically, it was used to level a landmass. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were literally turned to dust by the Americans.


‘Nuclear War’ is the ultimate word for the initiation of fear and hostility. America and Russia were involved in a period of silent hostility over the ages regarding ‘nuke’ war. But this was not supposed to be the scenario. Clearly the responsibility was not carried out. Safeguarding the uses of nuclear energy was indeed one of the prime responsibilities of the science-guys.
Not only nuclear, the entire concept of warfare is deadly. If today potatoes be used in war then it would easily be a substance to instill fear. One more similar issue is that of biotechnology.


Bio-Warfare is the new cool thing for warmongers. The tiny organisms are meant to be researched upon to find their utilities(if any),dangers etc….they are not to be spread  around in an aerosol can like a deodorant  smelling like sick.


These small shread like structures are indeed for dangerous than those flat bottomed German tanks. Things like penicillin are discovered by mistake only once. Many people with crude intentions might make bad use of these microbes to eradicate the human race perhaps. Certainly, this is another example of a responsibility not carried out. The need to conserve the species for good uses is apparently less the bad uses.
Coming down to a more mundane level. Development to a commoner are the repairing of roads, ensuring the availability of water and having a sanitary drainage system. Hell breaks loose if these criteria are not met. For instance , when a public place is given a fresh coat of paint, almost within no time pseudo bloodstain like patches appear all over the corners. The problem is that everyone demands  for development but no one pays any heed for its upkeep afterwards.


Also when the new taps are fitted beside lanes , all everyone cares is about securing their bucketful. After a few days that very palce becomes a wet marshland with 24 hours non-stop water supply and hardly anyone bothers to turn it off.  
All the people in this world are like babies, every now and then they require new toys to play with, and that toy becomes boring they just throw it away and yearn for a new one. If today a development is made in any field, it is everyone’s responsibility(not always) to look after it and prevent the misuse.                   

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Natural Disasters and Mankinds Responsibility

“Dont stop till u get enough”, This has been the motto of mankind since the inception of life on earth. The extreme greed for  leading a better lifestyle has propelled us, humans to make advancements after advancements . This very lust has seldom backfired . These are the results of too much experiments on mother nature.
“To err is human” one might say, but the things or deeds that bring forth such catastrophes aren’t mistakes, they are prolonged practices of bad habits.
Let’s consider earthquakes, which has rattled us of late. One might wonder what has mankind got  to do with earthquakes? Well, various kinds of bombs are being exploded in the mountains or beneath the ground to maintain their distance from the populated areas. There explosions sent tremors down the tectonic plates, which shake them up and give rise to the earthquakes. These explosions, specially nuclear, bring about climatic changes which spur volcanic eruptions too. The only remedy is to lower the frequency of these fatal explosions. It is true that scientists crave for advancements in their field and in our daily lives but we can’t let our survival be at stake for it.The hilly regions, which are mostly tourist attractions are mostly home to numerous hotels. The hotels change the very topography of that area. As a result  the region becomes unstable and give rise to landslides. The over constructed buildings start to fall like lego blocks. The most notable incident of this type was the Uttarakhand catastrophe of 2013. The engineer built a dam to support the hydroelectric facilities but the dam couldn’t stop the raging river. When the Alakananda went haywire it took the entire place with it. The journey of the innocent pilgrims proved to be their journey towards eternity. This flood brought landslides as well it  toppled numerous buildings encourse. Not only this there is always a chance of an epidemic after such an incidence. So, the people could have built a few less and have maintained the serenity of the place. Well, that’s only  for speculation. Nowadays, we come about many “green” projects. These “green” projects are dedicated to stop being converted to “grey”. Yes i’m talking about deforestation. Hectares of forestland are cleared off in the blink of an eye to construct the high roads and the high rises. The people are oblivious of the fact that the trees suck up the CO2 and give us O2 to breathe. If we don’t “C” with our two “O”s then , who will? The excess CO2  in the atmosphere rise the temperature of the earth due to the greenhouse effect. Prolonged duration of excessive heat delays the monsoon and brings forth droughts.  It is also the cause for the melting of the glaciers. The vehicular emissions and CFC’s cause holes in our natural blanket, the ozone layer. The ozone layer, if depleted , gives entry to the harmful  UV rays which is highly responsible for skin cancerand spur cyclones as well. So, we might use our car a little less, turn off that tube in an empty room or even use the public transport  to take your beloved in a date. If we can abide by these norms which all the evs books have been repeatedly telling us to do then, we just might buy some more time for our grandchildren to live.
Another fatal cause that gives rise to the global warming is its distant cousin, Deforestation. As the land i being cleared of the trees , the top soil becomes loose and tends to wash away, hence causing landslides. The top soil is the most updated version of  soil in the soil family and supports the plant life. When the land land gets devoid of the top soil, it becomes infertile which might result in dust bowls like the one in the US.
We, the humans are the biggest threat to us. Our deeds, rather greeds cause such events. While we go gaga over the role of humans in the natural disasters, others might oppose. They might say that ,“The entire concept is an oxymoron. How can natural disasters be manmade ? According to History, the glaciers are melting since twelve thousand years back, what were we doing back then?. Humans cant cause the disasters they can amplify them!”. Here, I say that ,”these aren’t natural disasters, its a false coinage, it’s absolutely MAN MADE!”
-roy samya            

thank you for reading!