Dokandar is in a hurry to close his shop a little early this evening.

Why not?

His wife has made his favourite kosha mangsho for dinner.

You can’t help a man falling for that,can you? *wink*

There he pulls his shutter and it comes down with the traditional “grrrrr….”.

He zips to his bicycle in a flash whilst blabbering excuses to the visibly disappointed customers.

He strokes the paddle and takes off for home sweet home.

Amidst the twirly roads with its quirky turns, dokandar babu humms his favourite tune and sometimes rubs his capon lined vintage pot belly.

pure bliss!eh?


cherishing the child within.png

Chotu is sleeping in the only charpoy that his Kottababu gave him.He twists and turns as the room suffocates his senses. There is only one window in the room from where the sunlight gains entry and ends its errand just before the foot of the bed. In spite of being deprived of air and light, Chotu manages to stay and work for his Kottababu .That night it got a little extra hot at some point in time and Chotu woke up with a start to realise that his room was on fire!

Bewildered at his present predicament he found himself at the storehouse of death, he couldn’t call out for help as the door was also conveniently jammed! Rest aside phones, not a single pigeon could be seen nearby!

He screamed

and screamed

and screamed

and screamed

and did it again!

Alas! It was all in vain when he stopped screaming, Mother Nature understood that the fire has engulfed him!

Somewhere, a leaf fell on the floor.



Many people were huddled up in one corner,discussing something, apparently very important and serious. All I could hear was some humdrum, nothing significant caught my ear, maybe because I was still rubbing the sleep from my eyes. As I got nearer, the “what’s and how’s” reached my ear and suddenly someone exclaimed,

“Hey, Dokandar’s here!”

Hearing my name I cycled faster to the spot and saw a little body wrapped in a dirty piece of cloth, suddenly everyone went mum, I couldn’t understand why, as I slowly removed the cloth my eyes swelled with tears.

The tiffin carrier which had some left over Kosha Mangsho fell with a clink on the road…

“Why did I leave Chotu alone that night?”

Is a question that still haunts me in my dreams.


based on a true incident



Hand of the King



A cumulonimbus was slowly making its way towards the sun, fast forward ten minutes and it has already covered the sun and was starting to announce himself on the stage by numerous gurgles and groans. The birds hurried across the scenery to gather the last bits of bread they could find and as they were about to complete their return journey, they were greeted by numerous droplets of heavenly water. The first rain of the season. Earth breathed a huge sigh of sweet relief.

Mr.Anonymo watched all these unfold from his attic as he slurped his favourite Darjeeling. Being an introvert man he keeps to himself, talks to no one except his maid.

Of Late, he thinks that someone is constantly trying to kill him, who and why he doesn’t know. So, he prefers to be armed with his KUKRI at all times.

When he peeped at his mobile to look at a certain notification, the time caught his eye and he instantly rose to take a bath as it was 12 noon already. As he was about to leave the room the unthinkable happened…

A hand appeared from behind and tried to strangle him to death, he writhed in pain and tried to get rid of the hold but it was of no use, the grip was getting tighter. He took out the KUKRI from his pocket and repeatedly struck that arm till the grasp loosened and the arm fell with a thud.

Being terrified at his deeds he didn’t even bother to look at the attacker at latched the door to the attic as he rushed downstairs to the summon the police.

Completely oblivious to his present state or what he had just done he rushed out of the house to the police outpost that was located very close to his house.

The policemen were shocked to see man drenched in blood and immediately went after him to catch the killer, they followed him as he tumbled like a drunkard to his now infamous attic.

When Mr.Anonymo opened the door, there was nothing but….

a hand which lay on the floor and a man without one.



Hard and Soul


Are you there?

I really need to talk, have you any spare time?

Thank you so much…

Okay, I have a problem and I want to share that with you.

I will start from the very beginning so that you do not miss out on anything, this part is important so please pay attention…..

It’s been a month since I got married

No, it wasn’t a love marriage, I literally couldn’t see anyone because I am blind.

My father, a respectable government worker decided to marry me off to this honcho of a lawyer when I came of age.

At first, I didn’t like the prospect of being married, I didn’t want to leave my family behind to cater to some alien family,

Well that’s everyone’s case, isn’t it…

Silly me matured into adult me overnight and understood that it was the way the society worked and gladly stepped into its trap.

The marriage was sufficiently extravagant to uphold my father’s nature and stature while draining his hard-earned fortunes.

I thought about my in-laws being some crooked people who would enslave me and curtail my freedom,

Miraculously none of that happened

The house was so good, everyone cared about me….

Two people amongst many grew particularly close to me, the first one was my partner of course and the second person was this old gentleman who became a father figure to me, I called him “Jaan”.

Jaan and I were very close, when I grew tired of doing all the daily chores, I would rest my head in his lap and he would pat my back till I dozed off. My partner loved me very much, he kissed me every day before going to work and spoilt me like a little kid…

So, this does seem like a wonderland doesn’t it?

The perfect home that anyone can aspire to be in,right?

You might be wondering that I had called you to share a problem, but where is the problem??

Yesterday night, while going off to bed I asked my husband about Jaan as I didn’t see him for a long time,

He nonchalantly replied

“ What Non-sense dear! I am the only man in the house, father died years ago!!!

That’s why I always tell you to take your medicine on time…..”

I hope you understand my problem now…

Jaan are you even listening?

a photo composition showing me behind my hands
A photo-composition showing me behind my hands




The First Scene

In a room.

The room is extremely messy, clothes and magazines are lying huddled up in one corner. There is an empty can of diet Coke lying beside the mouse pad and judging by the sticky liquid spread over it, one can easily infer it being the Coke itself. The walls are decorated with the pictures of a kid celebrating an achievement or two. There is only one window…


And the door swings open,

(Enter Boy)

The boy who has entered the room is skinny and is probably in his late-teens and looks pretty similar to the boy on the pictures (lot less happy though).

BOY[angrily]: Damn! Where have I kept the parchment!?

He walked to the dusty cabinet and started to rummage the contents.

BOY[elated]: There you are!

With a swift movement of his hand he took out the roll of parchment and while doing so knocked over his 6th grade first prize and slammed the cabinet shut without the slightest regard for it.

BOY[muttering]: skrillex,skrillex, skrillex…….aaah BANGARANG…repeat!

As the loud beats started to fill the room, he swayed forward, seated himself on a chair and carefully took out certain granules from his pocket and started rolling it.

2 hours later….

Everything has slowed down, the music feels way too loud, and every single beat is at least a minute long.

His ached shoulder has miraculously improved over two hours and he feels as if he is levitating.

He realises that he is very hungry and reaches out for his ruck sack amidst the thick smoke to grab a chocolate bar and a bottled drink; he notices  each bubble with concentration rapt and the different colourful geometric shapes that were forming along with it!

He snapped the bar into half and took a bite….

BOY[on top of the world, speaks very slowly]: Gar firdaus bar-rue zamin ast, hami asto, hamin asto, hamin ast.

He felt as if he was the richest man on earth flying on top of the mountains!

(Exit Boy)

The Second Scene

A street

Enter KID1, KID 2 and others

KID1[running excitedly]: Pass the ball! Will you now?

KID2: There you go……

(Enter MAN)

The kID2 puts forward a delicate lob over the head of two defenders and the kid1 meets it with his head…

the ball doesn’t go into the net, instead it hits the man who was on his phone behind the bar post!

It hits him on the head and he falls to the ground unable to maintain his balance…

MAN[surprised]; Oi! Watch it!

KID1[running forward]: Sorry sir! Please excuse us!

MAN: Okay, lemme play will yeah?

(Appear BOY)

The boy is watching all this from the window in his room, he is not seeing shapes anymore…rather he is absolutely in his senses, he is feeling a strong sense of déjà vu but can’t understand how!

He sees the elderly man, high in spirits enjoying a game of football with the local lads and starts to lament

Once he was a jolly little fellow just like the KID but then his life rolled into a joint and smoked all the happiness away.

Now he is another addict on the block in desperate need of rehab.

As the sun was setting he could see the kids leave the field alongwith the man, but they( KID1 and the man) were headed towards his house and he had no clue why, they reached his house and rang the door bell at the same time…

Something strange happened then, he saw everthying split into two, one black and white and one in colour,

He could see two doors for instance, one in black and white and the other in colour, it had split!

BOY[bewildered]: What is this madness!!!?

BUT HE! Was at the middle, half of his body had a black shade and the other the normal flesh tint!


The man and the kid entered his room at once… enraged at his sight they screamed at the top of their voice which had a magnetic quality to it… the innocence had vanished from their faces and their eyes had gone absolutely black!

KID1: YOU!! I told you not to visit me again, you destroyed me , I could have won another prize that year, but you didn’t let me! You made me a monster!


MAN: YOU! She left me because of you, I was a good guy you know! ,look at him(he points to the kid), such a lovely little fellow! You dragged me into the dungeons! I have worked very hard to get rid of you!  I will tarry with you no longer!


The Boy felt as if someone was hammering 9 inch nails into his head, he felt heavy and dizzy, the scene started to whirl and the voices became more muffled, the colours started to mix…someone pushed him and he started to fall!

BOY:[thursting his hand and feet in mid air to prevent him from falllingh]NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!



The third Scene

The Hospital


A huge shock woke the boy up!

DOCTOR [with a stern voice]: Welcome Back mister! You have pulled off a miracle! So, Why did you exactly wanted  to kill yourself?

BOY[examining his surroundings]: I didn’t want to kill myself doctor, I wanted to kill the part of me that wants to kill myself!

DOCTOR[sighing]:As of now all I can say is that take medicines and follow whatever I tell you to do!

as the doctor prepared to leave the room the boy called him again

BOY[earnestly]: I can’t hear those voices anymore, who will I talk to ?

DOCTOR[with a smirk on his face]: ME!




DIRECTOR[eagerly]: So ,what do you think about the script for the play?

ACTOR: Well its good but will last 2 hours? Will the audience like it? There are just too many questions!

DIRECTOR[angrily]; I’ll take it as a NO then!

The renowned director left the actor’s house at once.

Now he has decided that he will play the lead role in his autobiography!

“are you game?”

There he was, again!

It appeared different to him that day. A blinding beam of light hit him as he opened the door. As the scene came into focus he noticed, a Megaphone!

“Which game are we playing today Master Roy?” it bellowed.

“I’m not in the mood for games, Mindy!”

“That’s the perfect mood for playing games, sir.”

The entire scene started to whirl and twirl and he felt as if someone was twisting his entire body by the ends.

A railway track appeared (toy sized mind you); a tortoise on roller skates was skating along the track, carrying a sign which read, “U’s ahead” in a giant roman italic font.

Clueless, he started to tread the unknown path.

The brick wall transfigured into a long hallway.

Small rooms, rather cubicles were dotted along the hallway path along with a swinging bulb suspended by a thin and long string.

On turning the knob of the first door, the bulb fell to the ground and broke into a thousand splinters, and a section of the hallway broke off. He must visit the remaining twelve rooms, so as to get a clue in order to escape.

The First Room housed an urchin. He appeared to be in a great haste, all the stuff lay scattered around and it felt like as if he wants to buy all the stakes at a major company. Clearly, he was smeared in the paint trying to scribble some very important letters in the wall. He looked at the older guy, gave him a nasty look and redirected him to the other room!

The Second Room had a screaming and angry kid. He had a cricket bat in his hand and was absolutely busy perfecting his cover drives, he couldn’t help but admire that little kid’s perfection!

Sweet melodies were flowing from somewhere not very distant. Not bothering the sportsman, he left for the Third!

The Third Room seemed like it belonged to the happiest person in the universe, the room was bright, loud music was playing and the teenage kid was busy with his cellular phone, blushing from time to time.

“Not here mister! Can’t you see I’m beseeeee !” the young guy told while moving from side to side.

It was getting monotonous for him right then, room after room!

“Where am I stuck?” he said to himself.

Just then, he realised the hallway was normal again, the bulb was back!

So, confusing!

The Rooms were gone!

In turn, they were replaced by some sort of a common room, a very luxurious one.

Two large sofas were placed at the centre along with a recliner.

A total of nine people were sitting there!

Roy became more perplexed.

He approached the gathering and asked

“ I don’t seem to remember getting here in the first place, would y’all please lead me to the exit?”

All of them guffawed till they fell short of breath.

“You wanna get out eh? No one ever gets out!” said a blind old man who got up and started pacing up and down the room.

A middle-aged man reached his arm out and spoke,” you have to be here sir, why don’t we be friends?”

Just then he received a text, it read

“150 is the limit you brainless oaf!


His face became pale as he read it and refused to shake hands with the man.

Other guys didn’t reply, all of them were middle aged and very suave, busy in their works!

Feeling helpless, he buried his face in his hands and tried to shed a tear or too!

Having cried, he raised his head.


The Megaphone was back.

The Tortoise was dead.

“What’s all this Mindy?” he asked

“You ask yourself, Master Roy! You come here every day to find the meaning of your life and fail miserably. You just saw what you wanted to see, the perfect representation of the stages of your life, or at least as you had wanted it to be. But, you are so disillusioned now, you cannot even recognise your original self….

Memory is not like a hard drive, it’s like a puzzle, but, the pieces might change from time to time,

Our mind is like a dipole, if you apply too much potential, it just splits! Your trip always darkens your mind, but you repeatedly come here over and over again,

The past comes here to console the future, the future to console the past… the journey or the time taken to come here is the present!

You need not travel great lengths or do great deeds to find the meaning of your life, home is where we can gather grace.”

As the last words were echoing through the room, Roy saw the Megaphone transform into a door.

He turned the door knob and a bulb lay shattered somewhere, then he closed the door behind and walked past the big neon sign which reads “WELCOME TO YOUR MIND” and opened his eyes to