One fine Opportunity

The sporting dreams of millions in our country have been thwarted in the past owing to countless obstacles. Of late, Lady Fortune has finally turned her nonchalant head towards us with a blessing of hosting a grand event. Hope we, INDIANS can take this a launchpad to give the countless sporting dreams a decent trajectory.

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I dedicate this writing to the sports fraternity of my country— let us unite so that we may prosper by leaving the obstacles behind!

Single Leg Amputee Sports Club (SLASC)

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Com partment.


A red digital clock at Howrah station platform no.3 showed 4:29; the diabolical figure resonated through my mind as missing the 4:30 local would surely have been fatal. I dragged my over-exhausted right leg amidst the sea of people and managed to somehow scamper into the much dreaded first compartment. My momentary inflated ego was crushed immediately by a nonchalant “Murshidabad er gamcha” seller who shrugged me off by a very courteous “dada shorun”. Just as I had managed a decent standing place, I saw something very odd lurking in a general local train compartment, a young lady (yay!).


As fate might have had it, she was directly looking at me(now that doesn’t happen), only to ask me if the train would stop at Konnagar (such a romance killer). A nod came in reflex.


She was not the one for the poets and it was exactly that which made everything so poetic.

The tired train moved with a grunt and slacked like a baby to school. She couldn’t find the perfect posture in the overcrowded compartment and kept turning; new to “daily passenger-i” I thought. With every turn, it seemed she stole one glance here and another glance there as if it opened up different facets to her.


I, the skilled playboy that I am, remained silent and observed the proceedings in awe. Her protruding rucksack hit me sometimes as a reminder from my inner Barney Stinson to start up a conversation. I did, in my head of course as the hawker raved on about his “quality cotton maal” in the background.


I don’t know if it was fact or fiction, but after a few moments, I saw her conversing with another guy. A flurry of emotions wrapped around my brain as if to make folly out of my failures. I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry.


There was nothing romantic, or there was I don’t know! But at that very moment, I realised what could have been! There are so many people, we don’t know, who could have been so much more, if only…

I didn’t know if she knew him or she did not (please be the former), honestly I don’t care! She was all smiles and so was he.

Is this a tale of love lost or stalking gained I don’t know. But what I do know is that trillion tales have been told of this style but very few are actually experienced.

Everything it seems stopped that day, for them, for me; except the train, which wasn’t supposed to stop at Konnagar (which I remembered after getting down at Bally).

What have I done! What have I done! What have I done!


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Life in little rooms

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Lov e-ly

Today they would be together for the last time of their lives, they can’t prevent the catastrophe no matter how hard they try!

It was out of their control really,

The deadly virus has already engulfed her body and mind, she knew that any moment now could be her last,

In spite of pondering over the possibilities of prevention, all they wanted was to spend the last few moments being united and savouring the moments like that rider of Browning!

They knew what their fate would be and was ready to face the outcome,

So, they did!

They embarked on a journey that would be etched in their memories for this lifetime and beyond!

They wanted to ride!

And RIDE they did!

From the mountains of the Himalayas to the dunes of the Sahara, they had covered it all!

After the journey, they felt rejuvenated and wanted to eternalize the moment



That bad thing had to happen and it did!

He could observe the bright sunshine fading away from her lovely face, her eyes grew whiter by the second, and the hands, colder…

Her eyes closed, hands and feet started to feel more and number….

Everything left a mark, something like a snail’s track, she was there but wasn’t at the same time!

He knew what was going to happen, but we cling onto false hopes until the truth forcibly gets out by sucking the heart dry, so did he, he couldn’t accept that the love of his life was being taken away from him in such a manner, he repeatedly tried to refresh it, thinking it would all be a bad dream and everything was actually okay, but it wasn’t..

He failed to

save his beloved and she was

deleted forever

from his life

It was all very perplexing!

He could see her slowly disappearing into oblivion, but could do nothing about, parts of her body and soul started to detach itself

Bit by Bit!


Now, years later when he recollects this heartbreaking tale,

At the end, he always says the same thing…

“I’m gonna kill the bastard who put that virus in my lovely program………”