Ink élan is at it again by launching another fabulous series called  “Bishwo cup of tea” (world cup of tea)!

Like the previous immensely successful “Baishakhe chander haat”, I have also contributed here with the story of a very inspiring individual!

After reading the post, I can assure you that this guy is a “keeper”.

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This time my post has been illustrated by the very passionate Sayan Mukherjee


Amader Ink élan r Baishakhe Chaander Haat er aath nombor porbo ta likhlam bangalir shera khelar dui “king”bodonti der nie: P.K and Amal

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Artwork by Arghadeep Saha

One fine Opportunity

The sporting dreams of millions in our country have been thwarted in the past owing to countless obstacles. Of late, Lady Fortune has finally turned her nonchalant head towards us with a blessing of hosting a grand event. Hope we, INDIANS can take this a launchpad to give the countless sporting dreams a decent trajectory.

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I dedicate this writing to the sports fraternity of my country— let us unite so that we may prosper by leaving the obstacles behind!

Single Leg Amputee Sports Club (SLASC)

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More than a game

A terrific in swinging Yorker ripped the middle stump off!  A stout fifteen year old with bushy hair danced through the twenty two yards being amazed at his own delivery. He wasn’t a big match player or a professional. It was out of pure love and dedication that he played this game. Every week he made it sure to find gaps between tuitions to play the game he loved. Full hand or short hand didn’t matter to him. With equal ease he could nudge a top spinner to a nearby wall at “one drop” (as direct hit was out) and place an out swinger past the point fielder to the ropes. It wasn’t that he neglected his studies and played all day, he was pretty decent at his studies too!
Everyone in his locality was accustomed to the sight of a boy dashing past main road with a bat in his hand whilst wearing his school uniform (as he didn’t get time to change his clothes). All the recent matches and proceedings were absolutely committed to his memory. He was like any other Indian kid, foolish enough to dream of playing in the Indian cricket team. Every time when any one senior to him jeered at him for being so naive, he used to console himself that his ambition was concrete and he wouldn’t let it go at any cost. The Little innocent guy would practice in front of the TV set and would watch the practice sessions at a nearby ground in awe. If only he could be there!
There was this underlying desire in him to join the coaching classes and perfect his techniques. But this is India, and these kinds of options are deemed as immature choices, so curtains were drawn on his dreams of going to the holy coaching centres and master those slower balls!
Nothing could dampen his spirits; he continued to play with the same love that he had previously and enjoyed what he did. But deep down the lines, he felt that something was missing from somewhere, something wasn’t complete……..
Slowly but steadily he came to know that the kid in him was actually foolish. He was foolish enough to change the world, as he didn’t know so much about the so called “harsh realities of life” But, the Steve Jobs in him died as he grew up to be a sensible person dealing only in academics.
Another terrific in swinging Yorker ripped the middle stump off!  !  A stout twenty five year old with bushy hair danced through the twenty two yards being amazed at his own delivery. He was a big match player and a professional. The whole stadium rose to their feet to acknowledge the bowler’s efforts,
So did our guy, a bespectacled, burly man with his son on his shoulders and wife beside him screamed at the top of his voice!
Sometimes when he sits at his posh office chamber and looks on and green meadows brightened by the sunlight, that stout and enthusiastic teenager comes to his mind, he sees him running about in field, warming up for his next delivery, maybe in that world he had made it to the national team!
Who knows!
That makes him want to play again 

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