Finding the Calling

A play of sorts in one act

Narrator: Ladies and gentlemen, attention please, A red digital clock at Howrah station platform no.3 showed 4:29; the diabolical figure resonated through his mind, as missing the 4:30 local….oh the horror! He dragged his over-exhausted right leg amidst the sea of people and managed to somehow scamper into the much dreaded first compartment.

Boy: Phew! That was so close!

Narrator: His momentary inflated ego was crushed immediately by a nonchalant hawker who shrugged him off as if he wasn’t there.

Boy: Heyy! Can’t you see me? Huh?

Narrator: No brother, you’re John Cena. (pause) Just as he had managed a decent standing place, saw something very odd lurking in a general compartment, (bold sarcastic voice) two young ladies (yay!).

Boy: Oh crap! She is looking at me!

Girl1: Umm…will the train stop at konnagar?

Boy (blabbering): Well! The train, madam, stops at every station but you know, the journey never ends.

Just like love, it goes on and on and on…

Girl1: stupid! (aside)

Boy: (to the audience)

Forget trains!

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in love, must say yes to everything at first. And…I think…yes, I am in Love.

Narrator: She was not the one for the poets and it was exactly that which made everything so poetic.

Girl1 (to Girl2): Why is he being so weird?

Girl2 (smiles while looking at the boy through the corner of her eye; speaks distractedly): What do YOU think? … well, you should know!

Girl1: NO, I mean..umm …wait! What do you mean by that?

Girl2: Ummm… nothing.. well, I prefer speaking in innuendoes you know!

Girl1: INNUENDOES???   Ughhh!! You and your “MILLS AND BOONS”!

Narrator: The switch my friend is ON!

Girl1: No INNUENDOS and for your kind information No Love Story here..

Girl2: By the way… When did I say it’s a LOVE story? Huh?

Boy (sudden excitement and despair): Oh GOD! I can’t find my phone! (to Girl1; panting) Excuse me! Can you please give me a missed call?

Girl2(whispers): Ahem! Ahem! Divine intervention you see…

Boy: Well, yeah… I do understand it’s awkward for you, please help me out here…

Girl1: Why do you think brother I will help you? Do you think I’m a nun in some Cathedral ready to help everyone?


Boy (whispers): What! Brother!
(aloud): Okay, sorry to brother you… I mean to bother you… wait! Why should I be sorry? A nun is never bothered anyway. After all, she’s the harbinger of love.

Girl2: Whoa!.. is something on fire? Or someone diss-appointed?

Narrator: On hitting call after moments of reluctant dialling… the compartment was instantly graced by the tunes of “Can’t Help falling in Love”, thanks to the Chinese speakers! (pause) After few moments of rampant rummaging, our boy discovers his device, lying below a seat and picks up in the blink of an eye.

Boy: Thanks… (whispers) It is truly said that one can never predict them… (pause) Okay, sorry, don’t mind…

Narrator: She smiles away with her friend on another side of the compartment; leaving the boy red-faced. Thank god for the climax, that was one intensely boring narration! So, ladies and gentlemen, that was our—-

Girl2 (interrupts the narrator): Hey, narrator! You didn’t tell the full story?

Narrator: What story? My script ends here!

*gestures “she is crazy” to the audience*

Girl2 (to the audience; *Girl1 and Boy high-fives*): Allow me to finish it then, and take you all into the future (points at Girl1 while she hides her face)you know “A lady’s imagination is very rapid; it jumps from admiration to love, from love to matrimony in a moment.” Well, what started as a mutual admiration laced with scorn has ended with the two smiling.

Narrator: What are you talking about?

Girl2: Can’t you see the mutual glimmer in their eyes? The glimmer of happiness

Narrator: Happiness! A thing which started as an act of incivility has culminated otherwise? Really!

Boy: See sometimes even a simple start can…

Girl1: …lead to a story!

Boy: (to the audience):

Well, everything said and done,

I hope you had much fun;

I would now like to conclude by saying this—

So as to leave you all in bliss:

You might as now well think, that I had kept the phone there on purpose…..

Well….. Did I?




This was performed as a closet drama by the SA Jaipuria team at Shri Shikshayatan College.

It is inspired by Com Partment:

, originally written by Samya Brata Roy.

However, it was adapted for the performance by a lot of people:

Samya Brata Roy

Srija Chakraborty

Susmita Roy Chaudhuri

Shreya Banerjee

Chandrani Sanyal

and last but not the least

Mr Bimal Chakraborty or as we lovingly call him Bimal sir.

We enjoyed working on it so much that we even plan to release a video of it in the near future.

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Dee Little Girl


Dee wasn’t feeling really good that day. Her fur wasn’t shining bright nor did she have that familiar glint in her eyes. She kept unusually quiet and the little girl complained that she wasn’t even willing to play either. As time passed by, the problem grew more serious. Flies started to hover around her, yet the health cautious and easily irritated Dee kept remarkably silent.

It was time for some action as Dee wasn’t getting any better which caused the little girl to sulk even more. The elders decided to give Dee some new clothing to start with. The new cloth which she would be getting underwent some lengthy preparation as it was preserved in some kind of a jelly-like-substance for a long time. There were rumours that the new skin belonged to someone really close to Dee of which she had no idea about. After a fortnight, Dee was presented with her new and authentic clothes from the Derma brand. The little girl seemed the most excited as she repeatedly told everyone that “Dee wasn’t looking skinny anymore!”

After putting the new clothes on, she was given an extravagant bath with all the modern chemicals and stuff to reduce the infection. That good old glow was coming back.

But, something was still missing, and the girl was constantly nagging her mother about that.

The problem was finally identified after a long time, it was with the eyes, which looked pale as ever. They were also taken care of and the glassy shine returned to her eyes.

Finally, she was stuffed, which brought an end to a lengthy process.

The little girl seemed really happy now, as Dee was willing to play again.

In another room, a middle-aged lady handed some payment over to a shady looking man and said

“Thank You for treating her,



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Lov e-ly

Today they would be together for the last time of their lives, they can’t prevent the catastrophe no matter how hard they try!

It was out of their control really,

The deadly virus has already engulfed her body and mind, she knew that any moment now could be her last,

In spite of pondering over the possibilities of prevention, all they wanted was to spend the last few moments being united and savouring the moments like that rider of Browning!

They knew what their fate would be and was ready to face the outcome,

So, they did!

They embarked on a journey that would be etched in their memories for this lifetime and beyond!

They wanted to ride!

And RIDE they did!

From the mountains of the Himalayas to the dunes of the Sahara, they had covered it all!

After the journey, they felt rejuvenated and wanted to eternalize the moment



That bad thing had to happen and it did!

He could observe the bright sunshine fading away from her lovely face, her eyes grew whiter by the second, and the hands, colder…

Her eyes closed, hands and feet started to feel more and number….

Everything left a mark, something like a snail’s track, she was there but wasn’t at the same time!

He knew what was going to happen, but we cling onto false hopes until the truth forcibly gets out by sucking the heart dry, so did he, he couldn’t accept that the love of his life was being taken away from him in such a manner, he repeatedly tried to refresh it, thinking it would all be a bad dream and everything was actually okay, but it wasn’t..

He failed to

save his beloved and she was

deleted forever

from his life

It was all very perplexing!

He could see her slowly disappearing into oblivion, but could do nothing about, parts of her body and soul started to detach itself

Bit by Bit!


Now, years later when he recollects this heartbreaking tale,

At the end, he always says the same thing…

“I’m gonna kill the bastard who put that virus in my lovely program………”