The ‘chamber’ was up in flames; every nook and corner of the much dreaded ‘machine’ set ablaze by the monster himself. The entire place was drenched with the stench of ‘crudity’. He couldn’t take it anymore, his universe seemed to crumble in front of his eyes and he could do nothing about it.


His mouth is shut and he must scream, his feet are tied and he must run.

The contradictions of his life had shot through the roof so he decided to burn. Empowered with many theories and fictions alike, it was the only suitable option left for him.

He shaved his hair, trimmed his nails and took a long bath to try and clean himself for the ‘final cleansing’.

He felt his senses alienating themselves from his body as he started to devour them, one at a time. Having ripped himself to the ‘bare essentials’ he began his journey in the search for truth.

A foot long trail of blood formed like a red carpet behind him as he walked to welcome anyone who was willing to accompany him.

The main ‘brain’ behind the whole operation was hidden in some deep dark dungeon and he had to overcome the obstacles of the soul in order to reach there.

So, when he came near, he wasn’t afraid, he dived forward and attacked it with all his might. One after the other he eliminated all his obstacles and was left only with the ‘brain’ behind the entire conspiracy.

As soon as he saw it, he felt a darkness, a tangible darkness engulfing him for eternity, but he wasn’t the one to give in so easily.


He fought with all his might but couldn’t help as he had to rip out the heart from his body to survive in front of the brain, and so he did, as a heartless zombie!

The man was a man of letters and reason, anything without logic and explanations had no place in his life at all. Therefore he had set out on a quest to resolve and find the logic behind all the mysteries of the universe and so he did. He did get what he aspired for: complete rationality but a price had to be paid in return, a sacrifice had to be made; which was his subjectivity and individuality.

In his quest for rationality, he had given his all and had lost the ability to comprehend the basic pleasures and joys of life.


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The double life of Mr.Eriko Inen

The room that I am taking to you right now might make you rethink your life all over again, so please be quiet. I want you not to let out any unnecessary gasps of despair or sheer amazement.

Sometimes I will be speaking to you just for the heck of it; might not make any sense and I will also pause certain moments to explain what’s going on.  So please leave your grammarian brain in the refrigerator. (I will twist and turn the narration and tense laws also, so if that makes your pinocchioan nose tickle, I am sorry!)

Hurry up!!(Oh, you’ve gone deposit your brain)

place your hand above mine and imagine that I am professor Dumbledore.

Ok, you have made it without puking all Over Me. You might just consider this as the best achievement of your life if you have been living any.

Knock knock.



-Who is there.

Hey, I am your sis; called by the name of Neme.

-What do you want.

I was wondering if I could show you’re crib to a special friend of mine.

-It’s ‘your’ you idiot, Has the Facebook comment section taught you nothing.

I am sorry sir will you please let me in.

-It’s open.



I have to pause it here, pay attention. Since you are drawn to the unnatural, I have taken you here today. His name is Mr.Eriko Inen, and as you can well see his apartment looks more like a zoological survey.

His Peculiar interest lies in pets…



He has almost everything from a stray dog to a dodo which you might as well know to be extinct, but not in his universe. Sherlock Holmes also would blush by looking at his organisational skills.

Hold your horses I am coming to the peculiarity.

Come to this room.

All the pets that I told you about where babies, mewling and sucking at the nurse’s arm or a little embryo that is still developing in the cryo tubes.

None of them…

None of them were adults!

When I first saw this I was as curious as you are now,

What happens to them when they grow?

That’s the question that you have in your mind, don’t you?

But you are in luck, as I have the answer to that question.

Mr.Eriko Inen, wasn’t always like this you see, he too had a family, a love of his life, a child who didn’t live long enough to grow into an adult; snake venom!

Seeing his child contort his face to death drove Inen crazy which led his wife to leave him as well.



Since then the motto of his life has been to keep young animal species not what you call pets, oversee their early stages of life and just when they start to understand the value of a parent…

Do you know what he did then? No, he didn’t kill them off, that’s too easy. He abandoned them! There is a zoo, in the opposite lane….his zoo….where he keeps his grown animals; visits but once a year.

The sadistic pleasure that he gets

in seeing all his ‘pets’

screaming to get near their daddy,

clawing at the cages, vigorously giddy.

Stands Inen at a distance carrying the smile of a devil

savours the chorus of crisis and leaves the evil.



He wanted…” the inferior animals” (he called them that) to understand the pain of a parent, who could have been near but isn’t so!

People hail Inen as a great supporter of animal life; some loathe him as well…If only they knew! If only they knew!

I am going to push the play button now.

-So, how was your little conducted-lesson?

Deeply Satisfying.

-You might as well leave now.

We opened the mirror and left his apartment called ‘dimension’…




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Vere mortuus, Really?

It’s funny when someone dies you know, (I ain’t a sadist/cynic), but it really is, they are here right now and in just the next moment, they are gone just like that: poof!

Sometimes I think that is it not possible for them to be with us like Forever?

But that is a complicated concept! We are mortals, so what is actually Forever is technically not so, we just think Forever is Forever till we get to see ‘em on a daily basis and fulfil our little selfish unremembered desires! What after that? What happens to Forever then?

Well I happened to be in that kind of a situation once, unfortunately; saw someone pass away right in front of my eyes! Ugh, what a painful feeling, in spite of all philosophical ramblings, I had also thought of catching hold of the fleeting spirit by it’s neck and shove it inside its corporeal frame! The heart just doesn’t listen, it won’t let go until that silhouetted identity forcefully escapes by the draining the ‘lub-dub’ machine of all its redundant romanticisms.

His eyes glimmered for once last time and the parting breath came out of the track like a gallant chivalrous youth, it stood, waved at our lamenting souls and left forever on the winged chariot of death, leaving its bearer for Forever.


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A great collective sigh was heaved; tears were shed in remembrance…

Only to get up with exhausted minds, bear the body on others’ bodies and take the only trip to Eternity or Forever, that was the fashion then. And so we did.

After hours of waiting in line with our co-mourners, we finally got the chance to enter the morbid place.

Few masked people were huddled up in one corner to prepare the last bed for the flesh. One of them came near with a very distinct poker face and signalled for the chunk of ‘dust thou art to dust returnest’ to be presented on the table. We obeyed in silence and saw our once beloved disappear- bit by bit!

After quite a few hours of humming, the machine stopped. With a smiling face the erstwhile poker face returned with the package, hoping about remuneration. We obliged them with their due pay packet, conveyed our gratitude and left at once.

Much time has passed since then.

Today we have are having visitors in our house and one of them is a child of five. In due course of conversation, the inevitable topic of His untimely demise came up and an automatic silence was observed to which I am sure He would have smiled. The little kid wanted to meet his uncle so I took him to Him. Both of them waved at each other and had minimalistic conversations(because fully fledged “digitisation of dead bodies” was still in its nascent state back then).

Having had a wonderful little conversation with Him, the urchin left in search for pastures new to explore. I stood there for some time, touched the digital frame which had His digital hologram, shed a crystalline tear (whereas He could only manage a comforting ‘I am there’ smile) and left the room sending a thousand thanks to Forever Technologies Private Limited who pioneered “digitisation of the dead” with their path-breaking methods.

Once a mere Harry Potter fiction, moving images are a fact now. 

Well, the technology is improving: bit by bit!


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wait for none

SWEAT          FATIGUE          PAIN          DARKNESS


People are going crazy and are screaming at the top of their voice…


You might be wondering if I am describing a scene of sadism, NO!

The Folks at this little town have gone bollocks and are trying to find a solution to a certain problem…

But why does it involve so much pushing?

Well, allow me to tell you from the start, it’s a short one , please bear with me…


The procrastinating perverts of TEMPSTOWN  have a new problem to deal with, two huge interconnected pieces of logs, one slightly longer, has appeared out of nowhere in the middle of the damn circular street.

Usually, people have come up with varied explanations, the weirdest of them claim it to be the “toothpick of the gods”.

Now, let me tell you the folks here are just like the playas from Sleepy Hollow sans that ghost or whatever the hell it was.

These bloody logs have obstructed the people from going to their favourite brothels, and there isn’t a way around, so, they have come to the conclusion that they will have to push the logs out of the way and that’s the first work that these lazybones are going to do in their lifetime, yes lifetime!!

They while away their time hunting Pokémon’s and turning their faces into the so-called pieces of art.

There are always cheats, and in Tempstown its no exception, in order to feed their horses, some dudes tried to jump over dem logs to go to the other side, but it isn’t as simple as you think,

No sooner did they land, they were shot right back at the end of the road in full pace.

I was standing there all along and didn’t even utter a single word, but this incident was way too much for me to bear, I asked the stout bearded man who was standing next to me about this fuss, he replied

“Suhm’(some) nuht(nut)  shaoued(showed) uuup(up)  todaee(today) mornin’(morning) and saaaid(said)

Yer TIME starts now and you be mah(my) Chienne now!”

They have to do their work on time from now on!

Tick tock Tick tock…




The First Scene

In a room.

The room is extremely messy, clothes and magazines are lying huddled up in one corner. There is an empty can of diet Coke lying beside the mouse pad and judging by the sticky liquid spread over it, one can easily infer it being the Coke itself. The walls are decorated with the pictures of a kid celebrating an achievement or two. There is only one window…


And the door swings open,

(Enter Boy)

The boy who has entered the room is skinny and is probably in his late-teens and looks pretty similar to the boy on the pictures (lot less happy though).

BOY[angrily]: Damn! Where have I kept the parchment!?

He walked to the dusty cabinet and started to rummage the contents.

BOY[elated]: There you are!

With a swift movement of his hand he took out the roll of parchment and while doing so knocked over his 6th grade first prize and slammed the cabinet shut without the slightest regard for it.

BOY[muttering]: skrillex,skrillex, skrillex…….aaah BANGARANG…repeat!

As the loud beats started to fill the room, he swayed forward, seated himself on a chair and carefully took out certain granules from his pocket and started rolling it.

2 hours later….

Everything has slowed down, the music feels way too loud, and every single beat is at least a minute long.

His ached shoulder has miraculously improved over two hours and he feels as if he is levitating.

He realises that he is very hungry and reaches out for his ruck sack amidst the thick smoke to grab a chocolate bar and a bottled drink; he notices  each bubble with concentration rapt and the different colourful geometric shapes that were forming along with it!

He snapped the bar into half and took a bite….

BOY[on top of the world, speaks very slowly]: Gar firdaus bar-rue zamin ast, hami asto, hamin asto, hamin ast.

He felt as if he was the richest man on earth flying on top of the mountains!

(Exit Boy)

The Second Scene

A street

Enter KID1, KID 2 and others

KID1[running excitedly]: Pass the ball! Will you now?

KID2: There you go……

(Enter MAN)

The kID2 puts forward a delicate lob over the head of two defenders and the kid1 meets it with his head…

the ball doesn’t go into the net, instead it hits the man who was on his phone behind the bar post!

It hits him on the head and he falls to the ground unable to maintain his balance…

MAN[surprised]; Oi! Watch it!

KID1[running forward]: Sorry sir! Please excuse us!

MAN: Okay, lemme play will yeah?

(Appear BOY)

The boy is watching all this from the window in his room, he is not seeing shapes anymore…rather he is absolutely in his senses, he is feeling a strong sense of déjà vu but can’t understand how!

He sees the elderly man, high in spirits enjoying a game of football with the local lads and starts to lament

Once he was a jolly little fellow just like the KID but then his life rolled into a joint and smoked all the happiness away.

Now he is another addict on the block in desperate need of rehab.

As the sun was setting he could see the kids leave the field alongwith the man, but they( KID1 and the man) were headed towards his house and he had no clue why, they reached his house and rang the door bell at the same time…

Something strange happened then, he saw everthying split into two, one black and white and one in colour,

He could see two doors for instance, one in black and white and the other in colour, it had split!

BOY[bewildered]: What is this madness!!!?

BUT HE! Was at the middle, half of his body had a black shade and the other the normal flesh tint!


The man and the kid entered his room at once… enraged at his sight they screamed at the top of their voice which had a magnetic quality to it… the innocence had vanished from their faces and their eyes had gone absolutely black!

KID1: YOU!! I told you not to visit me again, you destroyed me , I could have won another prize that year, but you didn’t let me! You made me a monster!


MAN: YOU! She left me because of you, I was a good guy you know! ,look at him(he points to the kid), such a lovely little fellow! You dragged me into the dungeons! I have worked very hard to get rid of you!  I will tarry with you no longer!


The Boy felt as if someone was hammering 9 inch nails into his head, he felt heavy and dizzy, the scene started to whirl and the voices became more muffled, the colours started to mix…someone pushed him and he started to fall!

BOY:[thursting his hand and feet in mid air to prevent him from falllingh]NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!



The third Scene

The Hospital


A huge shock woke the boy up!

DOCTOR [with a stern voice]: Welcome Back mister! You have pulled off a miracle! So, Why did you exactly wanted  to kill yourself?

BOY[examining his surroundings]: I didn’t want to kill myself doctor, I wanted to kill the part of me that wants to kill myself!

DOCTOR[sighing]:As of now all I can say is that take medicines and follow whatever I tell you to do!

as the doctor prepared to leave the room the boy called him again

BOY[earnestly]: I can’t hear those voices anymore, who will I talk to ?

DOCTOR[with a smirk on his face]: ME!




DIRECTOR[eagerly]: So ,what do you think about the script for the play?

ACTOR: Well its good but will last 2 hours? Will the audience like it? There are just too many questions!

DIRECTOR[angrily]; I’ll take it as a NO then!

The renowned director left the actor’s house at once.

Now he has decided that he will play the lead role in his autobiography!

Sealed and Delivered


A tall hooded and lanky man banged the door open,he lit the CFL and switched on his PC.
It was certainly the strangest room ever.

A computer was fixed in the middle, surrounded by what seemed like CRYO tubes. While his PC sluggishly beeped to a start, he paced up and down the room and came abruptly to a halt before the window and looked out of it.

From the view, it could be understood that the house in which he was housed was situated on a hill top, nothing could be seen outside but a thick haze had obstructed the ground from viewing.
Finally, the PC came to life!
He had a strange counter placed on his home screen which started to blink rapidly showing “7.4B”.

His mailboxes(he had multiple aliases) was synced to his O.S , as soon as he went online, hundreds and thousands of emails started to crowd his spam folders.

He opened his drafts folder and started to type this huge essay which he couldn’t finish last night as he had to make special appearances at different religious institutions.
The essay went on about 30 pages more and on finishing (the last line was, “then the bullet went through his skull”) he let out a brief sigh and pressed CTRL+S, wherein he named the piece as “FATE of……(followed by the a command which inserts the appropriate date and time)”.
As soon as he had finished, the LED lights atop the CRYO tubes started to blink,while making weird noises on being connected to his PC. He transferred many files from his PC to the CRYO tube named fate,health,education etc..
Once the transfer was completed, the CRYO tube zoomed out of the room and a baby was born miles away, who would die 50 years later when a bullet will go through his skull.